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Does God exist in reality?

Look at the things around you, your books, table, watch, and moving fan on the ceiling & so on, you’ll agree each of them has a creator on the basis of their particular designs. However, there are way more detailed structure & precise designing in the universal system. So, is God Real, must not be a question from people who describe themselves to be so-called atheists?

The complex structure of the world

The way we calculate time doesn’t revolve around wristwatches but around God’s achievement like the constant rotary motion of the planet earth. So, as for the question, is God real, is concerned; the universe with huge structure, matchless architecture & other huge natural actions justifies a Great Designer.

Everything is as a result of God’ plan

Similarly, when you come across a programmed text, you will need a developer to help you free the text from coding. You will think that there’s a talented person behind sending the encoded message, a person who created that text.

What about the DNA code?

The DNA code found in body cells is very complicated. So, you think there’s an intellectual creator of the code, with all the objective and intricacy, don’t you? Let’s go ahead and learn more about, is God real, from Ecclesiastes 3:11.

The above verse gives us a good understanding of the sure reality of God saying that God has created complex and ultimately established real planet as well as stored in the mind of people an understanding of perpetuity, that’s why every person forced to think whether God exists or not. Even an atheist might think about the existence of God but when they fail to understand, they think that’s not true. Humans are with an ancestral assumption that there must be a designer for this weirdly huge world. So, the understanding of perpetuity on part of humans leads them to God-worship and the formation of laws.