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Credit Unions – at the heart of the communities

In the first place, a Cyprus Credit Union endeavors to comprehend their people and manage to value their personal requirements and conditions.  Over the past few years, Credit unions are closely adjusted to the people that they provided their services to.

Other money organizations are winding up branches and advising their customers, in most cases, to utilize programmed services, hence credit unions carry on with taking the lead in personalization.

Credit unions are enjoying the 2nd victorious year and have reached the peak in the customer experience surveys, a research that scrutinizes the standard of services given by various corporations and organizations deliver to their clients.

The role of credit unions

Credit unions have achieved an admirable position on integrity, personalization, compassion, subsequently A Post in 3rd place & Lush Handmade Cosmetics in 2nd position.

The Credit Union plays a very vital role in improving the lives of their members by helping them out in various ways.

The prevailing crisis in Ireland

It is very sad to learn almost 25% people living in Ireland have no option to live in poor quality houses, some of the houses are even below the level of basic needs. In such an abject poverty state, a Credit Union can be a hope.

The house they live in no longer meets their basic requirements but they are forced not to abandon them for the better ones on account of the current property market, according to a national survey held by ILCU (The Irish League of Credit Unions).

The survey added that people 18 to 35 said that they were forced to reside in inappropriate houses but were unable to afford to go away. Similarly, 26% people of advanced years are also affected in the same way.

Nationwide service centers

Due to the joint temperament of credit unions, most people being the member of a credit union can take advantage of above 7, 000 accredited service centers countrywide. The annual report coming from union credits detects joint savings increase of millions. Also, there’s the increase of 8% in assets. Credit unions deliver so many international, national and local charities and most unions are at the heart of the community.