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The difference between a regular car accident & tractor-trailer accidents

Truck accidents are often complex

Everybody knows tractor trailer & commercial truck accidents are often complex and way more devastating than a regular car accident. On that account, a car accident lawyer with years of experience, like Robert H. Astor with 37 years of experience, can only handle these kinds of specific cases.

Well-versed with state laws

Robert is well-versed with state laws and road safety regulation that may affect your claim for the compensation of your loss and injuries you suffered as a result of someone else’s fault.

There’s no escaping from the fact that he is used to obtaining the large level commercial trucking verdict. So, you can easily choose him as your best car accident lawyer and visit his official website to learn about the reasons for truck accidents as well.

Why hire a car accident lawyer

The best part about this guy is that he focuses on every sort of road accident involving large trucks and tractor trailers, semis as well as 18-wheelers. Because of being a complicated case, a car accident lawyer can help.

Devastating results for all

He will assist you so that you will be able to take the right decisions and ensure that you are going to get every penny of compensation that the state law entitles you. Due to the size and weight of the trucks, they are big and so they can bring about accidents with devastating results for all who are involved.

The vehicle damage and fatal injuries that are usually caused by trucks may result in big medical bills, debilitating pain, expensive car repairs, and lost income. Big trucks that are often called 18-wheelers or tractor trailers are large sized vehicles with an average weight of 10, 000 pounds.

Why 18-wheelers cause accidents

Given their tall height, big size, and heavyweight, they might pose a hazard to those who are driving relatively small vehicles and especially to pedestrians.

It is generally accepted that tractor trailers, trucks or 18-wheels are handed over to unskilled drivers at lower wages than hiring expert drives – leading to accidents.

Final words

Robert is great in that he is always developing a special focus on these kinds of heavily defended and complicated cases and this is why he always takes the lead over his opponent party lawyers. The best part you will love is that you will have to pay once he has won the case in favor of you and that’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?