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The impact of obesity on your health and body

Additional fat tissue in the body needs oxygen to stay alive. This means your heart recruits more blood vessels to transport oxygen-rich blood to that tissue. In addition, the more fat that amasses inside your arteries, the tougher those arteries get. Thicker walls allow a thinner space for blood to pass through, so to uphold the same pressure the heart must work harder. Atherosclerosis, the toughening of the artery walls, is 10 times more collective in the obese than in healthy people. However Z Med weight loss center can take care of this problem by helping you shed the extra weight so you can be happy and healthy again.

How your organs fare under the extra weight?

The first common cause of colon cancerincludes a diet high in administered meats and red meats, a common factor among patients suffering from colon polyps, the other factor is a raised level of insulin or insulin-related growth factor in the blood. The link amongst body and mind isn’t new, but the latest science is persuasive. A 2010 study found reasoning function showed undesirable associations with obesity on measures. One theory cites the weakening white matter that environs nerve fibers in the brain, which send signals around the organ. This white matter covering has been found more damaged in the brains of the obese. Just go to Z Med weight loss clinic if you don’t want to suffer like this.

Say goodbye to beautiful skin

It’s easy to overlook how much obesity can harm the skin, and opposing to popular opinion, cosmetic marks like stretch marks aren’t the only consequence. Hormone changes can cause acanthosis nigricans, a solidifying and blackening of the skin; distension and stretching of the skin can cause redness and irritation, known as stasis dermatitis; and deprived vein function can lead to ulcers, found most often in ankles as a result of missing blood flow. Upholding healthy skin is also more than a superficial concern. The outer layers of your skin are the primary barrier to your bloodstream, which means they also serve as the doorkeeper for infectious agents. So just get rid of all that extra weight that you have accumulated over time by going to Z Med weight loss center Houston.