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Weapons in Garry’s Mod

What kind of weapon you use in the gmod blog is completely up according to your personal preference and taste. One thing to think of is a grenade for SMG (Fired with help of a right click) is perhaps ideal not to be used until and unless you’ve encountered a very small prop like a cup or something you cannot hit with help of a gun. Beware you’ll take no more than five damage for each prop hit a blast of a grenade. Few maps might have weapons as well that you can pick up and able to be used against props in that same map. Spectator mode is also available if you’re in an unassigned/spectator teams and while you’re compromised in the game. This mode lets you view different other players of the team (that’s the only team locked when you’re a prop or hunter) and fly around or follow them the map as a spectator that is free. When you’re in that mode you can then press a ‘spacebar’ to change the viewing mode to first-person view from third person view, & free fly modes. You can use a mouse left or right clicks in order to change what player you’re spectating.

Ghosting in the gmod blog is when a prop or a spectator on your team tells hunters where the props are hiding. That practice is usually frowned upon on servers and might get you banned or kicked from that server. Normally the only acceptable use for that is when a prop is using a type of spot that is illegal in that map. You’re able to switch teams with help from the menu that is available under ‘F2’ key from the keyboard. That lets you change to a hunter, prop or spectator. Numerous servers switch teams automatically every round (Pro switch to Hunters and hunter to props). A common rule of thumb isn’t to switch teams in order to avoid playing a particular role most commonly used in order to avoid becoming a hunter. That’ll likely to lead to you being banned or kicked from that server. Numerous servers have a cooldown on a switching option as well so you’re the only person who is able to switch quite so often.

Sometimes you get a map which doesn’t have numerous props on it or is very big for a number of players on that server. If this happen you can then vote for a map change by hitting the very first function known labeled as ‘F1’ key and clicking “Vote for the change” that broadcasts a message to all the players saying you’ve voted for a change and number of votes or players required for a vote to be able to change the map in the gmod blog. That’s a list of Weapon for Prop Hunt and Garry’s Mod. These are the controls that come as a default so it might differ for you if you’ve changed the settings.